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You probably struggle to balance work and play time just like we do. Often it takes wearing many hats to successfully run a business. For instance, everything from sales, marketing, HR and finance; not to mention, paying payroll. sales and income tax on time. Add in merchandising, maintaining production and inventory; along with vendor negotiations, fulfilling contracts, and meeting deadlines; you’ve got your hands full!

We understand the kind of frustrations that entrepreneurs like you deal with day to day, as you try to make sure your business stays profitable. That’s why it’s our job to take on some of those many hats you wear to be successful, and to avoid the countless pitfalls that can plague a business like yours. We seek to light your path to financial understanding by giving you the best tools available. By providing you with timely information about your business, finances, and tax strategies; we’ll help you achieve freedom. Freedom to live life your way, while working in your business, on your terms.

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Cynthia L. Finkenbinder, CPA

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