I just finished reading “The Blessed Life” by Robert Morris. This is actually the third time I have read this. I find that when it comes to Biblical principles and business principles I have to read it several times. The reason is that I often procrastinate or just down-right forget what I wanted to implement in my life or my business. It is not that I intend to do this, it is that life often gets in the way of every good intention.

Have you ever been to a conference, retreat or even heard a sermon that made you want to go home and implement a idea? I know I have done this several time. Taking notes and never looking at them, reading a book and never coming back to it, even the idea of setting aside time to work on your business instead of in your business are all things we do (or don’t do) not because we don’t want to but because we allow ourselves to get caught up in the everyday activities or putting out fires that require our attention. That is why I put books I know had ideas I wanted to explore further or implement on the pile by my bed. I read every night, even when I don’t get to bed until after midnight, I still read for at least ten minutes. That means I re-read books on a regular basis. I figure some day it will stick or at least I will decide if the idea has any merit and should be implemented in my life or my business.

I challenge you to pick up a book that you read before, one that you know you wanted to try some of the ideas in it. Re-read it, several times if necessary, until you either implement the idea or decide it is not for you or your business.

There are several books I recommend for this exercise including “Think and Grow Rich”, “Guitar Lessons“, “The Richest Man in Babylon” and my all time favorite, the Bible. It is amazing what you re-discover just by re-reading an old favorite.

What is your favorite business book that you go back to over and over?