Mark Cuban one of the Sharks on the TV show Shark Tank said, “Do you want to be an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepenuer?” The difference   is having confidence in your product or service to reach the entire market instead of just a portion of the market. The fact is that you cannot get everyone in your market to purchase or even want your product. Mark knows that, but he also knows that if you don’t have the drive and belief in yourself and your product you will stop before reaching your real goal of getting your product to market.

It doesn’t matter what your product is, even a new can opener has a place in the market place if it really solves a problem. Every household has a can opener – that’s your market. We all know that you are not going to reach everyone in your market immediately, but if you only think that only households who have yellow kitchens will be interested in your product you have lost the battle. You will give up as soon as you have the perception that everyone with a yellow kitchen has purchased your product.

I am not saying you can’t have or market to a niche market. Narrowing down your market will help you focus. You may want to start your marketing by targeting only people with yellow kitchens but next month it could be only people with purple kitchens or stainless steel appliances, it is really the possibilities that keep you going not who already has purchased from you.

Do you love your product or service so much that it motivates you to tell everyone about it? Leave a comment about your product or service, who your market is, and what is keeping you from reaching your entire market?