My good friend Michelle Reynolds calls herself the Connection Diva (, her job is to connect people, and she is very good at it. It seems that it doesn’t matter what someone needs in their business or personal life, she knows someone to fill that need, if you need a lion tamer or someone to fix the leak in the roof, she can help. Fact is, all of us have connections, we just never think about them.

Whether it’s the next door neighbor, your kid’s friend’s parents, or even the person you sit behind every week in church, you are connected to other people. The key to making these connections work is know what they do for a living and do they know what you do? How many times have you mentioned having hired someone to get a job done and someone else says “Why you didn’t call me first, that is what I do,” or “My brother does that.”? How would you know if you have never asked, or they never told you?

Remember in business it’s not always what you know, It’s who you know. In the end, all successful businesses owners boil down to their connections. So who are you connected to?