The perception of people who are not entrepenurers is that all business owners make tons of money, drive expensive cars and own several large houses. This can be the case but they all started out the same. Bob Taylor of Taylor guitars put it best when he said “Companies are conceived, born, nurtured, and raised. Some companies live for generations, and some don’t, but nearly all have meager beginnings.”

We as people tend to compare ourselves and our businesses to others to determine success. The danger there is that most successful people don’t show it off. It is easy to point to something like the type of car a person drives and consider them successful. It is much harder to consider ourselves successful when we have driven the same old, broken down car for 10 years.

Multi-million dollar businesses don’t happen overnight. Even Hewlett Packard started in a garage. Some businesses take several years before they take off and some are successful not because of the amount of money they bring in but because of the effect it has on our lives. Starting a business is not for sissy’s, building a million dollar business takes perseverance, guts and a lot of hard work.

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