Do you ever feel like you live in a vacuum? You know the feeling: everything sucks. Well February 4th was National Vacuum Day. It was intended to celebrate vacuums in space. You know; the kind that sucks everything in and never lets it go. I think the goal of most people in business is to suck and never let go.

Wait, what? By saying that business owners want their businesses to suck, I mean that we want everything to come into our business, new clients, new opportunities, new, new, new. We also don’t want to let anything go; that one client who drives you crazy; that project that consistently uses up all of your time and energy but never seems to get anywhere; the procedure that is so inefficient but you keep on doing it because, “we’ve always done it that way.”

The problem is, we all have limited time and limited resources. Even if you can afford to have a housekeeper and a personal chef, you still have to watch where you spend your resources. I have seen on the show Shark Tank where one or more of the Sharks will say that they just don’t have the time to help someone or they don’t have the resources to devote to a project. The problem with most business owners including me is that we often think we can add another project or client but forget that in order to do that something else has to be given up.

In order to suck more life into your business you have to be willing to let other things go. I like to suggest to my clients that they start with a comprehensive business analysis. That allows my clients to see which of their current clients, products or services are truly adding to their bottom line and which needs to be released and or delegated.

Your million dollar client is right around the corner. Do you have what it takes to let go of the activities and clients that are keeping you from bringing in the clients you really want to work with? Give us a call and we can help you analyze your financials to identify what is holding you back. With the practical analysis and advice in our report, we can help your business suck even more than it does now!