Tom Landry, Coach Dallas CowboysI’ve come to realize a coach for your business is extremely important. I have to admit that just a few years ago I would have told you differently. I felt that just having someone you were accountable to was, all that was needed for a successful business. The problem is, most of us choose to be accountable to people who are either too close to our business, or loves us and don’t want to pressure us or start a fight.

For many years my husband and kids were my accountably partners. My oldest son, who now serves in the National Guard, was the best at this. He would constantly remind me of what I said, or what I needed to do or what appointment I had on what day. But then he would forget about it a few weeks later, as he had things of his own to keep track of too. My youngest son didn’t really pay much attention, and was not good at reminding me of anything, and my husband was too darn easy on me.  I decided I needed a coach, so I started working with two of them, I mean if one was good then two should be better right? And boy, I was right.

When I started working with Sean McCarty of Colorado Coaching Solutions, and Hugh Liddle of Red Cap Sales Coaching. It was really because I thought my husband needed someone other than me to help him get his business started. I soon found out that my business was really the one that needed a coach and especially – me.

I have been on my own in business for over 14 years now. This means I was pretty set in my ways. I had ideas and plans but had never implemented them. I was comfortable where I was and honestly, I needed the push. What happened was amazing, my business grew substantially! Actually my income grew by 2% over the year before.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but considering the coaches and I only worked together for three months it is significant.  With the tools and tips my coaches have given me, our income has steadily grown in the years since then too.

I learned that I work better when I have someone who doesn’t care if I have an excuse or not, it is my business and my livelihood. My coaches don’t do the work for me; they don’t even motivate me to do it. They just give me the direction and the confidence to do it, and sometimes the nudge I need to go out and get it done.

I don’t believe in team motivation. I believe in getting a team prepared so it knows it will have the necessary confidence when it steps on a field and be prepared to play a good game. – Tom Landry