Warning Risk AheadI have heard this statement in so many forms that is actually scary. The most common form of the phrase is “You have to have money to make money”. We take risks every day, but the question is: Is the risk worth the probable or even the hoped for outcome? If you are married, you took a risk on your wedding day, if you own a business you took a risk.

Starting your own business is a big risk. Not everyone is up to the challenge. Most people just can’t tolerate the ups and downs of running a business. They have to have the consistency of a weekly paycheck, even though that is not without risks in itself. There is never a guarantee that you will have a job tomorrow unless you own the business.

The key is, not to give up when the risks seem to outweigh the rewards. It is true that the risk involved often is in proportion to the profit potential. Bill Gates did not know when he quit college and started Microsoft that it would very shortly become the largest business in the world. At the time, computers; especially the home computer; were still in large part science fiction. But if he had not taken the risk you would not be reading this blog now.

How much risk are you willing to take to reach your goal or propel your business to its potential profit?