For a long time, I have thought of freedom as being free to do whatever I want, whenever I want. But today, I heard an interesting perspective on this. Freedom is knowing that what you are doing is what you love doing. In order to be doing what we Love to do we have to be accountable. Accountability however, is not usually associated with Freedom.

I have often thought of accountability as a way to get me to do the things I have to do not what I want to do. I am working on shifting my perspective to accountability being a means to get to do what I love to do. I love helping people with tax strategies, especially when there is more than one State involved. I don’t like returning phone calls because phones are so impersonal. Yet if I don’t return the calls how am I supposed to know if someone needs my help with a tax plan?

I find that most of my clients don’t like doing their bookkeeping so they put if off until it becomes an overwhelming task – With an accountability plan in place the crunch time at the deadline could be minimized or eliminated altogether! Would you like to see us put in place a strategy that would help you with this one task and keep you accountable?

The freedom that comes from getting your numbers in line is that you can then determine which product or service is beneficial to your business – it can also tell you when a product or service you do not enjoy doing is no longer benefiting your business allowing you to drop it and focus on what you do love and you enjoy doing.

Give us your ideas of how accountably helps you maintain your freedom.