When I was young I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, they owned restaurants and a retail store. They were very successful and taught all of their grand kids the value of work by allowing us the opportunity to work with them. My Grandfather always insisted that we learn the correct way of doing anything by demonstrating that we could follow the instructions we were given. This included counting the register, cooking on the grill or even making ice cream cones.

So what does that have to do with hiring a professional, despite the fact my grandparents had owned several restaurants they were still open to learning. When they opened their last restaurant it was a franchise, they went to classes and other training. I thought it was funny at the time because they could have easily taught any of the classes. Yet they were willing to learn. They hired professionals to teach them. Then they taught us.

We all need to remember that hiring a professional is not admitting you don’t know something; it is admitting that you can still learn. It allows us to tap into others expertise and use it to grow our business. Just as you would not hire your teen-ager to operate on your leg (unless you are raising a Doogie Howser), you should be just as careful who you hire to teach you how to track business expenses, do your marketing or even work on your computer (although if you have a teen-ager or know one they are very good with the computers).

We offer training through our website where you can find both free and membership based training including videos on the basics of QuickBooks, advanced QuickBooks classes, entity set-up, mileage tracking and much more. We also offer live webinars on a regular basis and even in person training when it is needed. Learn something today.