Once you receive your invitation email, click the Accept Invitation and get your account setup. Here’s a video that explains how to do that, or download this tutorial.

You can access Liscio on a desktop browser or using your smartphone. Download Mobile app setup instructions. To access it on your phone or tablet you’ll need to install the free Liscio Pro app from the app store:
Android Phones and tablets
Apple iPhones and iPads

Liscio FAQ
What is Liscio?
Liscio is a modern, secure, mobile solution for Alpha Omega Accounting, LLC to communicate with our clients and exchange sensitive information, eSignatures, and documents on the go.
Is Liscio secure?
Absolutely! Liscio uses 256-AES encryption on the entire system. In Liscio, you always know exactly whom you are talking to, since it is an encrypted, invitation-only platform. Liscio operates on Amazon Web Services, the gold-standard in the industry.
How do I get started?
To sign up, you can click here to open a special email or give us a call 970-344-7298 and an invitation email will be sent to you with a link to setup your account
When and how often can I access my account information?
You can access your account as often as you like – anytime and anywhere. Download the mobile app to access your account from your smart phone or tablet.
Do I need a password?
Yes, once you sign up for Liscio, you’ll receive an email invitation to register a private ID and password. Mobile apps can use face recognition.
What do I do if I forget my password?

  1. Navigate to your Liscio Login screen.
  2. Click Forgot your password?
  3. Enter your email associated with your Liscio account.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Navigate to your email.
  6. Click Reset password.
  7. Enter a new password.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Log in using the email associated with your Liscio account and the newly created password.
What do I do if I forgot my Login ID?
Your Login ID is your email address. If you are unsure of which email address it is, call our office 970-344-7298.
I changed my device that I use for two-factor authentication, how do I log into Liscio?
You can log in on any computer with your direct URL: https://alphaomegaaccounting.liscio.me. If you change devices, you will need to re-download the Liscio Mobile App. If you cannot login, contact our office at 970-344-7298.

If these instructions are incorrect or not clear, or you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our office 970-344-7298.