The month of October is Strategic Planning Month. That means it is time to stop putting off planning for your business and get to it. There are several types of Strategic Plans that are used for business.

The first is Tax Planning – if you don’t have a tax strategy, you are probably paying way too much in taxes. We’re here to help you make your plan but that is the easy part. Fortunately, we can also help you implement it.

Second, there is Business Planning – this includes things like financial projections, budgets for the coming year, and even defining your mission statement.

And finally, there is Marketing Planning – this is how you grow your business. It includes things like who is your ideal Client, how you Attract, Connect, and Engage with your customers, figuring Return on Investment for your marketing dollars and of course, identifying upcoming dates and events to promote your product or service.

WE challenge you to set aside at least one day this month for planning. Even better call and schedule a VIP Day with us.