It is amazing what we learn from before Kindergarten that can apply to our businesses. Did you know that you can’t have a pacifier and eat a peanut butter sandwich at the same time?  Of course you know that, but when did you learn it? My granddaughter has been trying all afternoon to eat her lunch without giving up her pacifier. It is more of a mess than a meal.

We also tend to do this in our businesses. We try to work on more than one project at a time because we feel that they both are necessary. This limits us to what we see in front of us, and doesn’t allow for new projects, ideas or even dreams because we don’t want to give up something.  Eventually our granddaughter’s pacifier went away because hunger took over, however in business we are often lulled by our self-imposed limits and never feel the hunger. Alternatively, we often feel the hunger but are afraid to step out and do something about it.

I often have great ideas that would free my time, but it means taking away time now to plan, and get the new ideas into place. I admit, I have a hard time setting aside the time to work on something new – even if I can see the advantages. One example is the new classes we are preparing to hold, I need to set aside the time to make some videos for advertising purposes. I know that once these are completed, the other coaches I am working with will be able to do theirs. That means I am holding up the entire group. So the question is, what “pacifier” am I holding onto, that is preventing me from getting this done? I will start looking at that.

What are you holding onto that is keeping you from grasping onto what you know will be better you’re your business in the long run?