We all hope for a silver lining but what if the clouds are just full of rain. The silver lining is not actually a part of the cloud but how we perceive the benefits of the cloud. Sometimes a cloud is just a cloud that brings much needed rain or snow. Often the clouds let loose when we have grand plans. Picnicking in the rain or driving in a blizzard can destroy your day, but only if you let it. Success is much the same especially with business success. When you look at companies such as Taylor Guitar, Dell or Microsoft it is easy to see that they are successful but what got them there is often quite different than the public thinks.

Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars puts it this way “Every successful person I know names a turning point that is entirely different for them than what the public views as the turning point. To the person becoming successful, the turning point is usually something mental—a moment in time, a flash, or a revelation—that allows them to think and act differently.”

Most people think of divorce as the worst thing that could happen to you, but for me it was actually the silver lining. If I had not been forced into the role of a single parent I would have never stepped out and opened my own business. Owning my business has brought about joy, frustration, dedication, learning and just plain fun into my life. I can say the exact same about my children and my wonderful new husband.

What was your silver lining – that time when you thought all was lost only to come out on the other end as a better person?

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