“Ten years, or twenty years will come and go, whether you do anything or not, whether you innovate or not, and whether you improve or not, so why not get going on it right now?” – Bob Taylor

We all have those missed opportunities that we look back on and say “if only” but what if we are still passing up opportunities?  “If only I had started saving for retirement 10 years ago.” “If only I had bought that house.” “If only I had _________.” The question is, what your life will look like ten or twenty years from now if you are still stuck on the “if only?”

Currently, I am working on writing six books – three of them are ones that I started over eight years ago (or longer) and never finished. Yes, it would have been nice if I had stuck to it and got them done then, but now I’m here telling myself “if only I’d finished those books earlier…” I could just say, “well that was not in the cards” or, I could get them finished, now. I have chosen to get them finished. So be on the lookout, soon they will be available for you. Some are to help you with your business others are because I feel they needed to be written.

What project have you been putting off that is in the “if only” category? I challenge you to let me know what that project is and if it is still relevant.

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