Taxes are the most expensive item you will ever pay with the possible exception of purchasing a house. The thing is that when you go to buy any big ticket item you are going to do your research. Most of us don’t suddenly go to Best Buy and get a 50″ TV without first checking the brand and features. You are going to go on-line, check the consumer reports, and see what kind of reviews it has. We can spend several days looking for the perfect TV, yet the one expense that occurs every year it ignored.

I think this is because we think taxes are just a part of life and don’t realize that with a little planning you can save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. This is done by making sure you are in the right kind of tax-advantaged retirement plans, making sure you are taking advantage of all the credits available, and even timing purchases to make sure you can take advantage of tax savings.

The problem is that once the year is finished, there is nothing that can be done to lower your tax bill. It is important that you have a plan in place and that you implement it before the end of the year. As soon as December 31st comes and goes, you are stuck with whatever happened that year and your taxes can not be effected by anything you might do.

Let us help you. We will prepare a comprehensive plan that you can take to any tax preparer to implement. Our goal is to make sure you know about and have a way of implementing those strategies that will save you money. And the best part is it is all in writing so you can look back on it anytime you need to. Give us a call, we will create a comprehensive tax strategy tailored to your unique situation, and have you prepared now, so there is no surprises come next April 15.