My husband and I recently discovered a TV show called Secret Millionaires. It is quite interesting because they take people who make millions a year and put them in a depressed area of the country. These people agree to leave all their money, credit cards and other “things” behind and live on the same amount someone on food stamps would be living on for the week. Their goal is to find charitable organizations in the area that they can get behind, volunteer for and eventually give money too.

In watching these I have noticed that most of them had a situation or background that they had set aside and are reminded of by doing this. Most are reminded of a key person in their life that motivated them to become the millionaire they are today. One of these millionaires, Dave Mortensen said it best, “the key component needed to be successful is someone who cares” , he was refereeing not only to his life but to the lives of the children and adults effected by the organization he was volunteering for.

I was fortunate. My very first client turned out to be one of those people who not only care but guide and motivate you to do things you never thought possible. Nancy Lawrence had owned her business for several years when I first met her. She took the chance of hiring me despite the fact I was definatly wet behind the ears. She helped me establish the values and mission of my business by becoming not just a client but a mentor.

One thing that stands out the most to me is that every time I left her office she would ask “if you were hit by a bus on the way home would I be able to hand this to someone and they know what you were working on”. She did not mean this in a cruel way but it made me more diligent in making sure I had good documentation that anyone could pick up and take over where I left off. That has also come in handy being able to show my clients the value I bring to their business because I have the documentation of what took place.

Who influenced your business the most and why?