Well I missed it; Feb 9th was National Clean Out Your Computer Day. I guess I will now have to wait until National Procrastination Day; when ever that is; to get it done.

When you work in different places; that means you are reliant upon your laptop to get your work done. My laptop has nothing but an internet connection on it (I remote into my office computer) and should be clean, right? Well I was amazed at all the stuff that has accumulated on my laptop. When I am on the road a lot, my computer becomes the main way to communicate, and even though most of my software applications are in the cloud or back on my office computer, I still inadvertently save things to my laptop. Now I have two copies of the files, and it has become difficult to know which one is the most current. That is the reason for cleaning your computer, and why I shouldn’t have missed February 9th.

Make sure when you clean up your computer, that the most recent documents are the only ones you have stored. This is very important for financial documents but even more so for your accounting documents. I am always amazed when people bring me their computer because they can’t get their QuickBooks file to work, only to find that they have about 10 different versions of it and have no idea which one is the real working file.

Even though we missed National Clean Out Your Computer Day, set aside some time this week to make sure you have only one working file of your accounting on your computer. Give us a call if you can’t figure out which one is the real file and we can help you. You know, if I “celebrated” National Clean Out Your Computer Day at least once a month…Nah, I’ll start doing that on National Procrastination Day…