Have you been putting something off because you were afraid to do it? Everyone does, but today is the day to stop that cycle. Especially with your business. Today (April 5th) is national go for broke day. It is also Easter this year so it is time to trust God and yourself and GO FOR IT!

For me that means calling a realtor and finding out what it will take to start the process of moving. It also means launching my new website that has been ready for about a month, but I haven’t told anyone it’s there. So here goes…

Announcing the grand opening of http://Nexus.Ninja! That is right, you now have a place to go to where you can get tax information for every state in one place. We also have a Facebook page for you to ask questions about issues or concerns you might have about doing business in a state you don’t live in.

So there I did it – you now know about my “secret” website. Please tell others about it and tell me what is your secret that you are ready to Go For it.