Holes can be good or bad depending on what you do with them. Today is National Hole in Your Bucket Day and I thought we should celebrate by finding the holes that are both good and bad in our businesses.

You might ask how a hole can be a good thing. One of my favorite Chinese parables tells the story of a pot (bucket) that has a hole in it. Every day the farmer goes to the stream to get water with 2 buckets – the one that has the crack is ashamed because it can only bring back 1/2 of what the other does. What the bucket doesn’t know is that the farmer planted flowers along the side of the path and the buckets real job was to water the flowers each day creating beauty.

The thing is, that most business owners don’t know where the holes are in their business. So, they can’t see the beauty created by those holes. There are times when I wonder what is the point of writing these blog posts and then unexpectedly someone calls or comments on a blog post from over a year ago and it was able to help them find or fix something in their business. That is a hole that was worth having.

The reason most don’t even know what the holes are is because they have never taken the time to create a business plan or a budget for their business. How can you know if your business has a hole that is creating beauty, or one that is slowly destroying you if you don’t know it is there? Call us today and we will help you identify the hole and see if it needs to be fixed or maybe expanded.