Have you ever wanted something that just seemed silly or impractical? Today is the day to dream and let those things that inspire you to get to the next level in your business. It is also National Personal Chef day – now I have never really thought of having a personal chef. I am a good cook and I enjoy cooking so that is not something I have ever really wanted. Now, if it was National Personal Hair Dresser day, I could go for that. Or, what about National Live-in Housekeeper Day? I’m all over that!

I have found that for most dreams, you have to be willing to give something up to make room for the dream to come true. That means if I was to hire a personal chef I would have to give up the enjoyment I get from preparing something that my family enjoys eating. It is the same in your business. Often you have to give up something you enjoy in order to have what your heart really desires.

We were watching Bar Rescue last night and it was an episode that they go back to check on bars they had already rescued, to see if they kept up the systems that John Taffer had put in place. The most startling thing was how many had scrapped everything and where back in the same loosing position again. One of them was even trying to get John Taffer to come back and rescue them a second time! The owners that were still on track and now making money, were those that realized that even if they enjoyed their business before, it was not paying the bills. But by implementing the new ideas and strategies, things were working well and were yielding the type of businesses the owner had always dreamed of having.

Let us know what your dream is, and what you might have to give up to achieve that dream. If you need help with strategies and putting processes in place to get there, give us a call. We like helping business owners with making their dreams come true..