There have been several changed that went into effect here in Colorado for employers. Some of these are also going into effect in other states so if you are not in CO please check if these apply to you or give us a call and we will find out.

Most important is that the minimum wage has gone up to $12 an hour. This is the last required increase per Amendment 70 that went into effect January 1st of 2017. Starting next year, the minimum wage will be adjusted annually based on the cost of living increases issued by the consumer price index each year. Keep in mind that this applies to all employees and you must make sure that even your salaried positions are also at the new $12 an hour. The only employees this does not apply to is tipped employees whose minimum wage is now at $8.08 but you must ensure that they are still at $12 an hour after their tips are applied. You can not lower the $8.08 minimum even if their tips bring them above the $12 an hour however if their tips do not bring them up to the $12 an hour then you must make up the difference in their wages. Keep in mind that there are also tax credits available if you have tipped employees that you can take advantage of.

As of September 1, 2019, you cannot ask if an applicant has a criminal record with very few exceptions such as banking. Check all your advertising and your application forms to make sure there is no questions pertaining to criminal background. This does not prevent you from running a background check just from asking the question directly of the applicant. You must also now keep copies of all applications or advertisements for hiring for at least 18 months along with any requests for criminal history done on a background check. You can be fined up to $2,500 for asking criminal background questions on the application. The applicant is not prevented from volunteering that information.