Throughout the year, I give you updates of new software I have found. Well it’s been a while so I’m going to go through all the software I use to run my business and why I use it. I’m not going to go through the tax software and boring stuff – just the software that I use to keep my business running smoothly. Many of these are software we set up or recommend for our clients in our Light Keeper CFO Services program.

  1. Xero – this is an accounting software that allows me to do everything from keeping track of my checking account, doing payroll for my employees, knowing which of my clients owes me money and what bills I need to pay. It also keeps track of my budget and spending, which is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. If you haven’t set goals and restrictions on your budget, you will never know if you are keeping your plans in motion.
  2. HubDoc – this is my favorite program. Why? That’s easy. I really am bad at keeping track of receipts because I hate having paper all over the place. This allows me to take a picture of the receipt, categorize it, push it into my Xero accounting software, and I don’t have to remember where I stashed the receipt. It also pulls all my bank and credit card statements so they are in one place. I can have invoices that I need to pay sent to my HubDoc automatically so I only have one location to find all my bills and other financial records.
  3. MileIQ – this keeps me out of trouble with the IRS! It keeps track of my mileage and I don’t have to remember to write anything down. This app lives on my smartphone and when my phone is moving it tracks the distance. No more paper logs that get tossed in the trash or blows out the window of my vehicle, no more recreating where I was all week because it will remember for me. And best of all, at the end of the year I pull one report and I’m done.
  4. Google Calendar and TimeTrade – these two work together. My Google calendar of course keeps track of where I need to be but when combined with TimeTrade it allows my clients to schedule their own appointments with me. No more playing phone tag or emailing clients back and forth just to see if I’m available to meet next week. They can go to my website, click on Schedule an Appointment and it will show them when I’m available, they can choose a time that works for them, and presto! Their appointment is on my Google calendar. And even better, TimeTrade will check my google calendar before showing when I’m available so no more double booking just because I forgot to write something down.
  5. Jigsaw Planet – why would I include a puzzle game in my business apps? Because I use this every day. Every morning this is how I get my mind ready to concentrate. We all need something that helps focus us – I also use Spotify if I lose my focus during the day – music can cut out the other noises and distractions bring me back into focus. Find something that can help you focus and relax your mind so it is ready to attack the next project. You will be more productive, I guarantee it.
  6. Zoom – this online video chat app allows me to have in person meetings with both my clients and employees (all of whom work virtually) without having to travel around the world every day.

How about sharing your apps and other software that you use every day to organize your life and your business?