I enjoy working with all my clients but some of the most fun are the ones that are in the cannabis industry. Most of you are going to say well of course, they are also high and more laid back. That is not true – these guys are true business owners and they are very serious about their businesses. What makes them fun to work with is not the product they sell, but the way they approach running a business. These are things that every business owner should embrace to grow their company.

  1. They are open to changing what they are doing to make their business better. By this, I mean that when I show them a new app that will make it easier to keep track of receipts they jump on it – they don’t question the necessity or price they just want to make their job and mine as smooth and simple as possible.
  2. They don’t try to pass off personal expenses as business expenses. I will not work with clients who try to write off things like their dog, or who refuse to keep a mileage log. These businesses work very hard to obtain their license, and they do not want to jeopardize that in any way – because of that, when they are told they need a mileage log they don’t fight about it – they just do it. They keep every receipt and they follow the rules.
  3. They take their business seriously but they don’t’ take themselves too seriously. They are not annoyed when someone plays a joke on them and they are great at finding fun things to do with their personal time. But when it comes to business, they want to learn as much as possible to make their business the best it can be. They are also not opposed to having fun in the workplace as long as the work is done on time and correctly – that means having music in the background or getting a new tattoo is not going to get you in hot water with your boss.

The bottom line is to take your business seriously but not so much that you are afraid to try new things. Not every app out there or new idea is going to be fruitful or work for you, but if you just keep the status quo you will never grow and neither will your business.