We are proud to announce several new services we are introducing here at Alpha Omega Accounting! We are now supporting Xero accounting software and are highly recommending it as an alternative to QuickBooks. I have found Xero to be much more robust than QuickBooks Online at keeping you and your staff more productive. Send us an email or setup an appointment to see how Xero may make it simpler and more productive to manage your business.

We are now offering our clients to spend a VIP Day with Alpha Omega Accounting. Either spend a full or half day with us to work on your business (and not in it). We’ll invite your business advisors such as insurance agents, financial planners, and others; as well as your business partners and spouses to help you brainstorm, strategize, and maximize your business focus. It is a day to get your business plan, marketing strategy, goals and action items set up and ready to go, so you grow your business.

The VIP Days are included in select plans of our new Light Keeper CFO Services. Alpha Omega Accounting’s Light Keeper CFO Services, you can reap the benefits of having an in house Chief Financial Officer at a predictable monthly cost. Light Keeper CFO Services are less expensive than hiring a full time CFO, but offer many of the same benefits. Alpha Omega Accounting’s Light Keeper CFO Services come in several packages to meet your business’ needs, no matter what level your business is at.

We are redeveloping our website to highlight these new services. Stay tuned for the relaunch of http://AlphaOmega-Acct.biz Call or drop us an e-mail to get more information of how our new services can help grow your business.