Most Americans do not choose to not have health insurance. Those who are in the lower income brackets are usually eligible for Medicaid, and those who work for larger businesses often have company provided health care, most upper middle class and “wealthy” individuals not only have health insurance, but they also have access to medical care they wish to cover at their own expense. It is the middle class who normally do not have health care, those employed by small/micro businesses that are struggling to stay in business anyway and the self-employed who often do not have health care.

Because of the Supreme Court ruling, you will now be taxed if you do not have health care insurance. In many ways this is similar to the $500 fine or penalty for driving your car without auto insurance. However if you choose to drive your car without insurance you have to be in an accident or stopped for violating a law before that penalty is put in place. With the ObamaCare, this will be an automatic penalty you will pay every year on your taxes. Even if you have never been to a doctor during the year you will be taxed.

Essentially the middle class is being taxed for not making enough money to purchase health insurance or for making too much money to qualify for low income health insurance better known as Medicaid. The fact is that health care insurance is not something we want to go without. Even if you cannot afford the insurance you will still have to pay the tax. Although the tax penalty is lower than the insurance itself in most cases, you will have to decide to get taxed or buy insurance.

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