I am a CPA, but I didn’t start out to do this for a living. My first degree was in Psychology; then I went back to school and got a degree in Business Administration; and then, finally, a degree in Accounting. Along the way I also got degrees in History and Computers. It took me quite a while to realize how much I really do love my job. I am finally in the right business for me.

The achievement that showed me I was in the right business was actually a surprise to me. I had been working with a client for about two years; we had put a new tax strategy in place at the beginning of those two years. Just for my own curiosity, I went back and calculated what they would have paid in taxes if we hadn’t put those tax strategies in place and what the actual amount was that they would have paid. It turned out that over a two year span, the client had saved nearly $4,000.00 in taxes. That is not a lot to some people but to me and my client, that was a good chunk of change! I love what I do!

Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars said “Everyone needs to find his or her own place within the business realm. For each person who believes running a factory is how you become a success, there is a person who finds success by working alone. For every actor who wants to make a blockbuster, there is one who wants to excel in small theater productions. Some chefs want to cook for an elite clientele and others want to see their recipes go nationwide. I enjoyed growing my company and making more guitars. The secret is to know how you feel and what you want to achieve, and then to work hard to make it a reality.”

My idea of achieving success in my business is saving other people from losing money on taxes. What’s yours?

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