Have you ever had one of those goals you thought was impossible or out of reach? I have: I turned 49 a while ago, and I had always had two things on my goal sheet. The first was to walk a 5K and the second was to hike up to Hanging Lake in the Colorado Mountains before I turned 50. Those have been on my list for about now for about five years, and I kept putting them off. Well this year I met my goals. I did them both.

When I was in High School, I hated running and athletics of any kind; and I really still do; but I also know that it is important for me to take care of myself if I am going to be around for my grandchildren. Last year, I had signed up to walk the Bubble Run 5k in Denver. “Fortunately” for me we had a major flood and the race was canceled: “Whew!” I thought that meant I was off the hook. But I had made the mistake of telling my oldest son, Scott, that I had signed up, and he took it upon himself to make sure I was ready.

I have had a business coach for several years, and have found it to be essential to the health and success of my business. It is important to have someone in my business that isn’t going to let me give up on myself. I don’t know why I had never applied that to my personal health too. By telling Scott my goal was to walk the 5K and then hike to Hanging Lake I suddenly had someone not only cheering me on but someone who cared enough to make sure I did it.

5K Bubble RunNot only did he keep me accountable to go to the gym and to do the 5K he joined me to go to Hanging Lake for my birthday. Yes on my 49th birthday, I took on the hike up to the lake. To some this may not seem like a big deal, but I have to admit, I had an easier time giving birth – twice – than I had hiking to that lake! The result was nearly the same: when I gave birth, I got the unexpected benefit of children who are now adults and I am very proud of them. When I hiked up that steep mountain trail, I had my oldest son with me and I am very proud of both him, and myself. Hanging Lake

Like anything in life we really do have to work hard for everything that is important. Most of the time, I find that people give up to soon. There were several times I wanted to give up on my business but pushed through. There were also several times walking those first five kilometers, and several more times hiking up that mountain that I wanted to give up. But Scott was able to encourage me to keep going even when it got scary and knowing I had to somehow get back down the mountain. In my business, my coach has been able to talk me through the hard spots, and help me realize how much I really do love what I do.

The amazing beauty we found at the top of that mountain was breathtaking and worth every step. What is the scariest thing you have done in your business or your life that made you realize you were on the right track and the end result would be worth it?