I have been challenged recently to come up with “Why I do what I do.” When I first started my business, my “why” was that I wanted to be able to work at home and be a at home mother despite the fact I was single. I felt it was necessary that my children have access to me 24/7 especially as they became teenagers. I not only established my business, but was also able to homeschool my kids as they grew up.

Now that one is a junior in college and the other married and has a kid of his own, why do I still do what I do?

Bob Taylor of Taylor guitars puts it this way

“Everyone needs to find his or her own place within the business realm. For each person who believes running a factory is how you become a success, there is a person who finds success by working alone. For every actor who wants to make a blockbuster, there is one who wants to excel in small theater productions. Some chefs want to cook for an elite clientele and others want to see their recipes go nationwide. I enjoyed growing my company and making more guitars. The secret is to know how you feel and what you want to achieve, and then to work hard to make it a reality.”

I know this is going to sound strange to some of you, but I really do find tax work to be thrilling. I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to legally reduce the amount of money my clients are spending on taxes. What I want to achieve however, is different. I want my clients to be educated, I want them to feel that they know and understand their finances. I want them to be empowered to take on their next project because they know the last project was successful, because the numbers proved it. I also want them to recognize when something is not working so it can be changed and tweaked until it does work.

So I am asking for your opinion and your help. How can I help you make a difference in your company? What information do you need from me to be able to achieve your objectives? Let me know – I promise I will do my best to help you and if I don’t know the answer I’m sure I can find the person who does.

Taylor, Bob (2011-02-04). Guitar Lessons: A Life’s Journey Turning Passion into Business (p. 106). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition.