About six months ago my oldest child told me I had lost my Muchness. Now he couldn’t exactly explain what he meant by that, but he felt I had lost what made me fun. He is 25 years old so I could not take this lightly, and have spent a lot of time thinking about what it was he meant and how I could get my Muchness back.

There are things I used to do that I just don’t do any more. I love my husband Jared very much but he is just not very spontaneous, so un-announced road trips throw him off as does water fights in the house. I always figured water couldn’t hurt anything until it was pointed out that mold is caused by water seeping into things and not drying out fast enough (and the fact my husband hates to be soaking wet).

I gave up dancing when my children where young, my Ex hated country music and then I didn’t have a partner to dance with. Now my husband loves music but he has no rhythm and getting someone to dance with you when your husband is near the dance floor scarring them off, does not work. There is no internet connection in the woods so camping also disappeared after I got remarried.

The problem is I never replaced those things with new things to love and enjoy especially things that the entire family and my husband love to do.

This also happens in business. I started my business because I really enjoy working with people on their taxes and teaching them how to read their reports and set up benchmarks for their business. I allowed others to make my business tedious by allowing clients to get information to me late and beyond the deadline, and pulling me into providing services such as payroll which I really don’t’ enjoy doing , and taking on clients that I knew would be hard to work with. It took the fun out of my job but unlike my personal life, I have started to find what makes my job fun again.

I have new classes and a brand new training website on the way. I’ve implemented some new cutting edge software that will allow deeper and better analysis of how your numbers are truly affecting your bottom line and I have gotten back into providing tax strategies and not just tax compliance.  My job is truly fun again. Now to find the fun for my family and we will be back to balance or as much son calls it Muchness.

So what did you allow to steal your Muchness in your work and your personal life? Comment below and let’s get our Muchness back, together! I would also love ideas to involve Jared in water fights that don’t involve water.